Excuse Letter (Exemption from School Uniform Policy)

June 21, 2011

Atty. Allen S. Quimpo


Northwestern Visayan Colleges

Kalibo, Aklan

Dear Sir:

We, the undersigned, sincerely request to be allowed by your good administration to be excused from wearing the school uniform for the following reasons herein:

(1) We are taking some Education unit courses only. Changing clothes would require more time on our part as we report to our respective offices before or after we attend our classes. Though we do not cease in our hearts and mind as to how NVC would be proud of us – unlike regular students – we spend more time in our respective offices than here in our beloved school.

(2) In line with the NVC Goal No. 4 which states “to improve the responsiveness of the school program to meet global requirements”, our respective offices have prescribed uniform requirements too so as to maintain its own company image and, most of all, the clientele as we face them. We feel that, with the fact that we are taking only units in the course, it would be of much demand on our part to wear NVC uniform even in our offices – if not irrelevant in appearance in an office setting – should we have no more time to change our clothes as we report to our respective desks before or after our schooling.

(3) In line with the NVC Goal No. 5 on student performance and employability, in our respective offices everyday we face different discriminative clients who are either less or more distinct from the rest and with diverse levels of IQ but nevertheless we have to face them — not all have respect to a host in school uniform or its visual relevance and pertinence of a competent company in service of the best of their interest. On the other hand, here in NVC we are always assured and secured that our teachers, professors and administrators understand us more and are more open-minded for us that is why every student should find it our second home and family.

(4) In the light of our obligations as students, we pledge ourselves to wear the School I.D. at all times and subject ourselves to stricter dress code instead where we cannot comply with the school uniform policy requirements due to the abovementioned reasons. We believe that with this commitment in return we have not beaten the very purposes of the school uniform policy which are (a) to create uniformity, (b) reduce gang activity, (c) eliminate dress code violations, and (d) to reduce behavioral problems.

(5) In the light of our right “on the matters affecting our status as students”, particularly as some second-coursers, some employed, others working, we pray to be heard by the good heart of your administration with regards to this matter and look at what we earnestly ask for as some form of if not itself the recognition of our “freedom of expression, belief and the pursuit of truth and research” that we are privileged with by NVC based on its Declaration of Principles.

We are hoping for your kind consideration. Attached herewith are our certificates of employment from our respective offices.

Very truly yours,

Josie T. Legaspi   Nanette C. Bagares   Leovi Jane Y. Icawalo
  Ma. Lalyn M. Raquin   Mar Bien Gregory G. Parel  



cc: Dr. Reinalda I. Magdaluyo, CESO III; Sir John Jess Cahilig; Ma’am Marietta K. Malunggayon; Ma’am Evelyn H. Arevalo; Ma’am Lolita M. Ortega.


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